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Friday, November 25, 2011

I can't believe I let the whole go by without writing about my pizza! Our first Pizza and Movie knight in our new home. I had my rolling pin and my good pizza cutter and I was loving it!! We had Chicken Parmesan. Does it sound good? It was!

Do you remember the Caramel Chicken I posted about a few weeks ago? Now, do you remember that Chef John from whom I got the recipe? Well, a friend of mine posted a Chicken Parmesan recipe from him that looked so good I just had to give it a try. Admittedly, the first try didn't go over so well. If you watched his video you are now asking yourself, "How could she mess that up? It looks pretty easy and straight forward." Well, it is, but I forgot to buy croutons so I used stuffing, I didn't use enough sauce, and I didn't use near enough cheese. I know, it's terrible that I scrimped on the cheese, but I'm really trying hard to cut back on the fat in our diet. So, I made it again, and the second time it was WONDERFUL!! So try it. But don't scrimp on the cheese!

The pizza was just as easy and straight forward. Crust, (I don't remember which one I used probably Jay's Signature Pizza Crust from allrecipes) sauce (I used a jar had canned myself), chopped Parmesan Chicken, lots of mozzarella and Parmesan cheese.

As for the movie, sadly I don't even remember what we watched!! It was from redbox and we forgot to take it back so we were charged for two days and I don't even remember what it was! Oh, hooray for Hubby, he just walked in and told me it was Hoodwinked Too. Obviously it made a big impression. I do, however, remember two things that Granny said (now that I remember the movie) that I really liked. Both are rather cliche, but every line in that movie was. She said, "A person can never really fail unless they give up." and "Once a Sister, always a Sister."

Hopefully I'll find my cord soon and can upload the photo. Have a great week!

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