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Friday, November 25, 2011

Sweet and Savory Turkey

It's the day after Thanksgiving and I bet you can guess what I put on my pizza this week... :D  Actually I have been looking forward to Thanksgiving Pizza all week! Yes, Thanksgiving was wonderful; my sister came to visit, we had a great time! The meal was wonderful; I made my very first turkey ever and we'll be eating turkey for 2 weeks! But as I planned each dish of our Thanksgiving meal I couldn't help but think about how it would taste on the pizza the next day.

Like I said, my sister is in town. This is extra good news because it means I had to make two pizzas!

The first one I'll call Cranberry Delight. For this pizza I took my Sweet Potato Roll dough and rolled it out (one recipe made enough for both pizzas). I put my Mango Cranbango sauce through the blender so I had a smooth sauce to spread (texture thing - you can leave it chunky if you want but it sure made it easier to spread). After that it was just chopping chicken and sprinkling cheese (mozzarella). The pizza was simple and good. If you try this one I would recommend getting a sharp, flavorful cheese like brie or blue cheese. If you do use standard mozzarella, make sure you don't skimp (did I mention I'm trying to cut back on fats? Ya, I need to quit doing that to my pizzas. More Cheese!!).

Before I move on, let me just mention something about this Mango Cranbango sauce. This is another of Chef John's recipes but I had to alter it. First of all, I'm very nervous about adding too much heat to my food. I don't do hot. So I replaced the ghostsauce with a couple jalapenos that had been carefully seeded to strip out the heat. I put these in at the same time that I added the cranberries. I really don't know enough about how to use jalapenos to know when I should have put them in, but it worked. The, now mild, jalapenos gave it a great flavor. However, if you like heat, go with the ghostsauce! The other thing I had to change was that I couldn't find garma masala and wasn't sure about adding Indian Curry to my cranberry sauce, nor could I find a star of anise so I left these two spices out. I would like to try it again with these spices sometime. This was an easy and beautiful addition to our Thanksgiving table.

The second pizza I think I'll call Savory Stuffing. Again, I used the sweet potato bread dough and I spread our leftover gravy on this one. Topped with a Vegetable Stuffing Bake and Turkey then smothered in cheddar cheese (I didn't skimp this time!), this one was a big hit. I blame the gravy. Did I mention it was curry gravy? Oh ya! Just add some regular American curry to your turkey gravy. I love curry in our gravy.

I still don't have my cord, so hopefully I'll get pictures up soon.

The kids watched The Happy Elf but I was taking care of something else and was unable to join them tonight. You can stream it on Netflix if you're interested.

A few other thoughts about Thanksgiving leftovers: I love them!

Tomorrow morning we are having homemade orange rolls that I made with the Sweet Potato Roll recipe. I'm really looking forward to them. Just roll out the dough, spread with melted butter, sprinkle with the zest of an orange mixed with 3 or 4 Tablespoons of sugar (I lost track). Roll it up and cut into rolls. Let rise for an hour or until doubled and bake until done (don't I make baking sound easy? It's just because I don't know how). For glaze mix powdered sugar with the juice from that zested orange and pour over the rolls.

Sunday night I'm making Turkey soup. I have boiled and stripped the carcass and put that soup base in the fridge so the fat will separate and I can skim it off. I'll be tossing in an onion, some celery, carrots and of course, sweet potato and serving it up with some grilled cheese sandwiches. Does anyone want to come to dinner with us?

If you need some more ideas, I came across this website for leftover turkey recipes. I have not tried these recipes nor do I endorse the website, but it looked useful and thought I'd share it. I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving!! Happy Holidays!

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