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Friday, November 11, 2011

What to do when I can't make a pizza?

Tomorrow is moving day and and we've got the house all packed up and ready for the morning. Of course, this means I'm not making dinner, let alone pizza. So what do we do. Cici's.

When I was in Utah, I'd see these Cici's commercials and drool. They always make it look so good. But, they don't have a Cici's in Utah, so I was left to drool at the TV. During our move across the country, we found one on our way and stopped there for a meal. Sadly, it didn't sit very well and we all had tummy aches that night. (Of course, who wouldn't have a tummy ache after gorging on pizza then sitting in a car for another 4 hours?) Now we are settled in our new city and there is a Cici's just up the road. Sadly, I have eaten more Cici's pizza than I care to recall.

Their pizza is marginal, their prices have been better, their salad leaves much to be desired. So why then, do I keep going back? Well, my 2 youngest eat free and often I have a coupon so the oldest eats free, too. That's real nice; especially when daddy is working late and I don't want to cook. I can feed the rest of us for about $6 and they can eat as much as they feel like of whatever is there. That's nice. They have a BBQ pizza that I think they must spike with something because I am so addicted. But if I had to point to one thing that keeps me coming back for more, I'd have to say, it's the cinnamon rolls. I crave them, and no, I'm not pregnant! But that the problem. they really AREN'T that good, so I can't figure out why I think they are. They are dripping butter and don't have quit enough cinnamon sugar. But they are so soft and gooey and melt in my mouth....mmmmmmmmmmmmm.

Oh sorry, a little Homer moment there. Anyway, no gourmet pizza tonight (unless you count the Philly Cheese Stake, Kansas BBQ, and Taste of Italy pizzas that I gorged myself on). In fact, we didn't even get a move (unless you count cartoon network that the children stared at over my shoulder while I ate way too much). But, we're fed, kids are in bed, and I've got a little more packing to finish up. So, have a good night and I can't wait to tell you about the first pizza I make in my new house next week.

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